Cruelty Free is the new luxury
We believe that Maison Pop Couture can become the model of a new sustainable and animal-free lifestyle. Our furs carry with them the richness of an entirely artisanal manufacturing tradition but look “beyond” fur to rediscover the elegance of couture fashion without cruelty and with respect for the environment.

Respect animal rights, it's beautiful
Our fashion idea involves sustainable, handcrafted, unique and beautiful garments. Even more beautiful is respecting the life and rights of animals. Maison Pop Couture was born from the need to demonstrate that high fashion can and must be ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free, discovering a new level of beauty: that of love and respect for the planet and for those who share it with us.
Animal-free is synonymous with a free and joyful fashion, the perfect summary of the meaning of beauty.

MAISON POP COUTURE does not use any animal derivatives and is classified VVV +, the best level of the Animal Free Fashion ethical rating created by LAV.
An animal-free, artisanal and 100% made in Italy fashion created to convey a new idea of ethical and inclusive fashion to inspire women, and not only, to express their personality away from stereotypes of any kind.