"Beyond" the fur
The love for animals and the love for high fashion, extravagant and never boring: two great loves that together can exist in an Animal-free key. Maison Pop Couture was born from the need to demonstrate that it is possible to have a luxury outerwear, 100% Made in Italy and the result of research and study in terms of sustainability and cruelty-free materials.

The fashion I would like
Behind Maison Pop Couture there is the consolidated entrepreneurial experience in the fashion and luxury sector of Alessandra Perani, former founder of AP Italian Luxury. Today a new challenge guides Alessandra in the path towards her idea of fashion: making the expression of femininity inherent in each of us confident and popular, without barriers of any kind, pushing "beyond" the production model of couture fashion that becomes sustainable and animal-free.

Handmade & slow fashion
Maison Pop Couture synthetic furs mimic the properties of fur, except that it is not cruel to animals. Like the best fashion houses, we at Maison Pop Couture also use high-tech and innovative materials. In the Tuscan laboratory, specialized artisans are the creators of each component of a POP fur: materials, models, final packaging, each step is full of attention for a 100% handmade production that becomes a perfect example of slow fashion. Simple and unique, each Maison Pop Couture fur prohibits banality, expresses beauty, denounces cruelty.